Girls' Frontline Setting Exploration: Griffin and Kryuger PMC


Official name: Griffin and Kryuger Private Military Contractor and Security Consultant Company

G&K is the PMC company in which the player is employed from the start of the game. Despite the name, the company provides a myriad of services unrelated to combat. If there is a client in need of some Dolls, G&K is usually willingly to provide them.

The company started with humans making up most of its combat forces. However, as Doll technology progressed, the decision was made by Kryuger to invest in Tactical Dolls in order to preserve human life. Human personnel now perform tasks related to logistics, maintenance, and other roles outside of the battlefield.

Legal Limitations

There are certain laws which limit a PMC’s potential power, of which the following have been referenced in-game. It can be assumed that other laws, not explicitly mentioned thus far, also exist.

  1. A PMC may not exceed a certain size. The specific headcount for this limit is unknown.
  2. A PMC may not utilize weapons developed post-World War Three (WW3).
  3. A PMC may not utilize weapons capable of large scale destruction, even if they were developed pre-WW3. (HOCs)
  4. A PMC may not perform modifications on Dolls that may bring them up to an (unspecified) illegal standard.

Purpose of G&K and Other PMCs

Amidst a world shattered and broken by catastrophic events, the ability of governments to protect their citizens and land dwindled. Enter the rise of PMCs, both big and small. These companies serve as a means to police and provide security in more contaminated or unregulated areas. G&K became successful in the world of PMCs thanks to Kryuger’s connections and marketing deals with IOP.

G&K's Treatment of Dolls

The quality of life of T-Dolls employed by G&K is stated, by the Dolls themselves, to be much better than what is typically shown of the setting where Dolls are often treated unfairly or unequally, having little to no legal rights compared to humans.

T-Dolls are treated as full-fledged employees with proper pay and benefits, including vacation time. T-Dolls are provided with living quarters on base, which they are free to decorate as they please. Their personal funds can be used to purchase any material goods they desire, and under special circumstances, a company charge account is provided if extra costs are incurred during an operation.

If they so wish, Dolls may terminate their employment with G&K at any time or under certain circumstances be forced to resign. Dolls who forfeit or lose their employment with G&K have their FCC removed, memories of company operations erased, and sent back to the civilian work sector. Many of these "retired" Dolls end up as waitresses or mine workers.

Dolls within G&K frequently participate in classes held for a variety of subjects, such as learning to tell jokes or more deviously, how to act cute to get what they want or out of trouble. Dolls are even taught "Griffin CQC" (Close Quarters Combat) in the event of an emergency situation where their weapon is unavailable.

Related Persons

Berezovich Kryuger

A veteran of WW3 who served in North Africa. He worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs where he was the Tactical Commander of the operation to secure and escort Persica and Lyco to IOP while 90Wish made repeated attempts on their lives. Kryuger used the payment from this operation to found G&K in 2053 after retiring from the Ministry. Because of this operation, close ties were gained to IOP, being allowed to liaise with the Doll manufacturing company in order to provide them the most direct data feedback on Doll performance. Many improvements to IOP Dolls were made possible because of G&K’s contributions.

Kryuger was later secretly contacted by Sangvis Ferri to provide an armed escort and transportation of Lyco, who had secretly accepted a new position with the military Doll manufacturing company. Kryuger requested access to Lyco’s research as payment for the escort. Sangvis Ferri and G&K quickly reached an agreement, and Lyco was safely transported to their research lab.

The naming of T-Dolls after the gun imprinted to them was Kryuger’s idea.

Helian (Helianthus)

A high-ranking officer within G&K. She is responsible for relaying orders from HQ to the various Tactical Commanders in charge in different sectors and reporting on their actions and performance. Frequently participates in mixers, but has no success in her love life.

Kalin (Kalina)

Logistics Officer and Adjutant of the player's base at G&K. She also has experience in Doll repair and modification and designs many of the simulations G&K T-Dolls use to train. Part of a social circle of different base adjutants in which she is known as "the financial black hole".

Originally an orphan who wandered from place to place, she was eventually recruited by Kryuger and given a job within G&K even though she was underage at the time. She places great emphasis on money because it gives her a goal to work toward. 

Runs a late night radio show that is popular among the Dolls. In her next life, she wants to be a fat, orange cat.


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